Sher-e-Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Star Bharat

The show is an accomplished ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh who was the leader of the Sikh Empire, in the early half of the 19th century. He ruled the northwest Indian subcontinent. He was loved by his people and was an exceptional warrior, fighting against the Afghans and the British.

Rudra Ke Rakshak

Big Magic

Rudra Ke Rakshak is a children’s fantasy show Blessed with superpowers, Avi and his cousins Vishu and Maya, fight evil in the enchanted land of Surajpur and go on magical adventures.

SAB Diwali Event

Sab TV

SAB Ki Diwali Party is an annual event where all the actors on SAB TV Network come together to celebrate Diwali. They indulge in activities, play games and perform to delight and entertain audiences on the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

SAB Ka Diwali Mela

Sab TV

Diwali a festival of lights, celebrated in all parts of India, and by the medium of an event for SAB TV, celebrating this festival. The stars of SAB TV were seen shaking their legs on the tunes of some Old and New songs perform to delight and entertain audiences on the wonderful occasion of Diwali.

Comedy Ka King Kaun

Sab TV

A show which is a hunt for India’s biggest comedy King. The king will be one, the champion of the champions who has the vigor, humor, and talent to make the entire nation chuckle.



Bhanwar is a crime based show, based on real-life crime events, sometimes relating to bizarre events happening across the country. It’s a courtroom drama which portrays both the sides of a story.

Agent Raghav - Crime Branch

Star Plus

Agent Raghav Crime Branch follows the story of Raghav who is part of a special team of the Crime Branch, which has been formed to curb the rising crime rate in the country.

The Great Indian Family Drama

Sab TV

 The Great Indian Family Drama is a fiction show performed in nonfiction formed in front of a live audience enacted by a cast of impeccable comics. It is a story setup of Lucknow, which revolves around 4 main characters and their hilarious situations throwing the audience into a fit.

Lage Raho Chachu


Lage Raho Chachu is full of comedy and humor. The story of an uncle Vivek Kashyap who had to adopt his two nieces and a nephew due to the untimely death of his brother and sister-in-law. Vivek who is trying to juggle his career as a ‘struggling writer’ and manage his turbulent love.

Fear Files

Zee TV

Fear Files…Darr Ki Sacchi Tasvirein is an Indian horror television series. It focuses the realm of the supernatural, paranormal and mysterious events that sometimes take place in people’s lives.

Savdhan India- Crime Alert

Life Ok

A show that brings to the forefront shocking real-life stories of crimes like Murder, Kidnapping, Domestic Violence, Fraud, Robbery, Rape and Sexual Assault, Forgery and many more. As thrilling as, this show is, its message to you is that you must always be aware, on your guard.

Suno... har dil kuch kehta hai

Sahara One

A family drama, revolving around the main character Ambica and how she brings back peace to her distraught family. She has come to possess a divine boon that gives her the power to read the minds of men which she uses to resolve issues.

Ammaji Ki Galli - Sab Tv

Sab TV

Amma ji ki galli is set in lower-middle-class Amritsar and revolves around the story of those living in a galli called Amma ji ki galli, named after its oldest inhabitant. It basically deals with the women of the galli and their daily problems.



The program showcases the life and struggles with casteism in a typical Indian village setting. Bitto, who belongs to the lower caste, but gets married into a family belonging to an upper caste, fights for her rights and those of others who are ill-treated.

Arre Deewano Mujhe Pehchano

Star Plus

Arre Deewano Mujhe Pehchano is an innovative reality show which is a fusion of celebrities in disguises, playing pranks on normal folk.

Maharshtrache Nach Baliye

Star Pravah

Maharashtrache Nach Baliye with a twist. One celebrity and eight top cities in Maharashtra will find their partners through auditions in their respective cities. Followed by the ultimate dance-off on the dance floor.

Sab TV

The show is based on a famous Gujarati play of the same name. The story of several Mani’s existing in our society. A journey of Maniben from Bhuleshwar to Malabar Hill. Born and brought up in the dusty bylanes of a village in Gujrat, She lived her life with the belief “Insaan ko Surat se nahin Seerat se pehchan”.

Bhago Kk Aaya

Sab Sony

Bhago KK Aaya is a comedy show which revolves around a loser boss, the owner of a newspaper. He is unpopular, dumb and cracks silly jokes. Everyone wants to run away and hide at the very mention of his name.

Comedy Club

Sab Sony

A show comprising of jokes enacted out in the form of gags and spoofs by an ensemble cast, of talented comedians.

Clinic All Clear Say Shaava Shaava

NDTV Imagine

A musical entertainer sponsored by Clinic All Clear, where TV artists come together to sing their favorite songs and are judged on their performances and their ability to sing which is not first nature to them.


Aajaa Mahi Vay

Star Plus

The lovebirds dance their way to their dream wedding! Aaja Mahi Vay Prem Ki Agni Pareeksha is a dance show where couples compete to win the wedding of their dreams, judged by Ronit Roy, Shweta Tiwari and Apara Mehta.

Break time Masti time


Break Time Masti Time follows a unique storytelling format shot through one magnification to mirror the fun, laughter and the antics of distinct teenage characters in a school

Cambala Investigation Agency - CIA


Five friends, each of whom possesses special attributes try to solve various cases in Cambala before Kulkarni, a cunning cop, tries to investigate them.

Agadam Bagadam Tigadam!


Its a comedy show about a family who is actually aliens with magic skills and practice spells in their daily lives. It’s fun to observe their rib-tickling solutions to their unique problems.

The Great Indian Love Challenge

NDTV Good Times

It is a reality show with a very youthful take on young love. It shows what length people would go to, to express their love if given a chance.

Sab ka Bheja fry

Sab TV

A sketch comedy show with a difference, the sketches form part of a Mini-Sitcom. Three Mini-Sitcoms bring together this show.

MTV Ishq Deewane


It’s a show about celebrity couples and their love stories, shown with fun interactive sequences, interviews, surprises and oodles of love.

Down the Ages

The 60 minute documentary film delves into the ancient past and discovers the rich cultural exchange that exists between India and China. It traces 2000 years of shared history and culture between these two independent nations.

Yeh Dil Chahe more

Star One

A show about two people, who have undertaken a road journey from Delhi to Mumbai pursuing their respective dreams. It captures the spirit and imagination of anyone who has ever wanted more from life. But when fate has them suddenly meet, they are forced to face the reality and hardships of a new life together.


Aavishkaar - Ek Rakshak

Sahara Manoranjan

Aavishkar is the tale of the crime-fighting man-machine who was born from microchips and laser technology to become the deadliest weapon in the war against crime. He knows no fear, he is already dead, he has lost it all. In doing so, he gains the means to fulfill his desires to protect the innocent at all costs.

The Comedy Show - Ha Ha Ha

Star Plus

After almost 350 episodes, The Great Indian Comedy Show assumes a new avatar with a new look, additions to the show’s cast playing hilariously new characters, and a fresh take on all current things – altogether combining to make this the craziest show on Indian television.


Star Plus

Kashmeer an Indian TV series set in the Kashmir Valley, starring Gul Panag in the lead role. A saga of love and hatred is set in breathtakingly beautiful locales with the backdrop of militancy. The focus of the serial was the second generation friendship between Zoya, Kinshuk and Aamir.

Vikraal aur Gabraal

Star Plus

Vikraal & Gabraal is an episodic serial in which Vikraal narrates stories to Gabraal every week to teach him the skills needed to become, what Vikraal is, and what Gabraal aspires to be, a Ghostbuster.


Star One

SSSHHHHKOI HAI Shhh… Koi hai is an episodic entertainment series. A blend of adventure and fun with evil villains and sinister dens that provides clean fun for kids of all ages. The lead character is a superhero called Vikraal, who is a modern day ghostbuster. Along with his assistants, Gabroo and Lily.

Krishna Arjun


Two young detectives based in Mumbai take on cases that range from murder mysteries, kidnapping, thefts, missing cases to frauds solve them in their own unique style.

Afro Asian Music Video

For the 1st Afro-Asian games held in Hyderabad 2003. On the theme of “Two Continents One Spirit”. Penned by award-winning Javed Akhtar and music by award-winning  Shankar Mahadevan this music video was directed by Ken Ghosh.

Big Nite


A movie magazine that brings all the glitz, glamour and gloss from films out to the real world and onto the screen. The show has interviews that peer into the minds of movie stars, sneak peeks at forthcoming films and all the stuff that Bollywood is made up of.

Emotional Atyachaar- Season 4


The show creates nail-biting suspense as couples test each other’s loyalty. One of the two people in a relationship who doubts their partner brings their grievance to the Emotional Atyachaar team, who then perform a sting operation to determine whether or not the partner in question is disloyal.

Good Morning Zindagi


A health magazine that gives great fitness tips, amazing quick fix recipes, just the right dose of inspiration to lift your spirits along with a peek into their future.

Holi Aayi Re

NDTV Imagine

Holi extravaganza kicks off with the gearing up for the Holi party as they welcome all their guests of Umeed Bhavan, Saroj Khan, Radhaa and her betis, Aanchal, Sameer and the kids. With a riot of colours, naach gaana, masti and the entire NDTV Imagine family under one roof, This is one Holi celebration which one cannot afford to miss.

Ek se badhkar ek

Star One

Idea- Ek Se Badhkar Ek is an anchor-based filmy countdown show on Star One. Every week it features different filmy categories from different Bollywood genres, Dhinchak dancers, onscreen couples, 10 films of Amitabh Bachchan, hatke directors. There are two Bollywood savvy anchors Anushka Manchanda of Viva fame and VJ/ Actor Gaurav kapoor who impart their ‘filmy gyan’ and keep the audience glued to their television sets.

Kata Le Yaara .. Ticket to Bollywood

Star One

A Show featuring Bollywood’s best dance performances, on Star One. The event is full of enthralling performances by TV stars, giving a tribute to the greatest of Bollywood.

Nerolac Rang jama de…

Zee TV

Rang Jama De – Nerolac is a show where homes of celebrity couples are given a makeover, while the couple is taken away from their home and treated to 36 hours of leisure, entertainment and adventure.

No Shortcut Mere Bhai Yeh Hai Manoj Bajpai

Zee Cinema

The four-part series aired on Zee Cinema alongside a festival of Manoj Bajpai’s films. The series encapsulated the success achieved and the difficult times faced by the very talented Manoj Bajpai. It also features his theatre days in Delhi and his family and friends from Bihar. ek baatt


The age-old fight between good and evil, the clash of Satan versus Sage and the battleground is the human soul…. Using the sins of Mankind as his proxy, Evil manifests itself as the child of the head of the guardians, comes to know of these celestial changes and searches for the woman that Satan has chosen as his vehicle into this world.

Recova Superfan – Amitabh's Biggest Fan

Zee Cinema

As part of the hugely successful Shanivaar Ki Raat Amitabh Ke Saath, Zee Cinema undertook the Hunt for Amitabh Bachchan’s Biggest Fan. Shot extensively across India, the hunt discovered Big B’s craziest, most devoted fans in every corner of the country.

The Pogo Amazing Kids Awards


The first ever kids awards function in India, where kids voted for their favorite stars. With Categories such as Amazing Hero and Heroine, to the child with the biggest brains, The Award was a breakthrough hit in family entertainment. All took away awards and surprise guest appearances from duo TOM & JERRY kept the night engaging and fun.

Tuscan Verve


 The making of the Tuscan Verve 2006 calendar in Dubai with model-actress Anupama Verma as the anchor. This racy show aired a special premier exclusively on Zoom.

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